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Crystal Demopoulos is one of the industries leading Exotic Entertainers. She is here to share her passion for helping the industry because every person matters.

About The Author

Crystal Vanessa Demopoulos

Founder & CEO

12yr Exotic Entertainment

Internationally recognized

Pole Competitor

Exotic Entertainment Instructor

Twerk Instructor

Pole Instructor

Professional MMA fighter

Professional Jiujitsu competitor

Netflix Cover Girl and participant for Original Series “The Ultimate BeastMaster”

Why We're Here

Stripper Bible was created to enhance the industry in its entirety. The vision of Stripper Bible was designed to give entertainers not only knowledge to maximize their income, but also to give them peace of mind, security, and confidence in the industry.

  • – The front end of the book focuses on the initial “baby step” how too. Designed this way to capitalize their income quickly before they lose focus.
  • – The later chapters are focused on generalized principals: Mindset, Psychology, Morals, and Values.